Application examples:

  (1) Examples of small and medium-sized systems

The following are some of the easily realizable application examples, utilizing already existing, inexpensive commercial items.
Please replace the names of home, company, etc. found in the chart below with any location(s) as you think suitable.
In the case your devices cannot install the VNET Plus application, you can still use VNET Plus Adapter.
You can get a concrete image from ralated videos.

Remote work from home or from any outside location:

You can get access to the business server within the company from home or from any outside client safely.
You can use any type of applications you have been using at office.
The access method is the same as that from inside the office.

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Remote GUI operation with a remote desktop protocol:

You can manipulate PCs located in the office or at home from any remote location by using GUI with a remote desktop protocol.
You can make direct communications by using the LAN mode of Teamviewer or VNC (Virtual NetWork Computing).
It has advantages in terms of security and costs because communication packets do not go through a server.

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Remote camera monitoring by streaming delivery:

VNET Plus cannot be installed on commercially available network cameras. In such cases, you can use the VNET adapter.
You can directly see the video of the camera without uploading it to the cloud.
This application is suitable for your keeping an eye on your children and pets at home.

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Wide-area chat and web conference using on-premises servers:

You can make wide-area chat and web conference by setting a chat-server and a web conference server at any location.
As the server can be set in the private address areas, you can get a higher-level security.
You can build your own system with no memory capacity limit, number limit, and time limit.

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Remote robot control:

Raspberry Pi robot can be controlled from a remote location.
By mounting a camera, a microphone and a speaker on the raspberry Pi, it becomes a moving videophone robot.
If you cannot install VNET Plus on your robot, you can use a VNET adapter.

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One-to-one TV telephone calls:

You can easily realize Peer to Peer video calls between VNET Plus-implemented devices.
Even if the network is switched, the call can be continued, so it will be a complete substitute for the mobile phone.
Furthermore, it becomes a secret call with high security.

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  (2) Examples of large-scale systems

       Assuming VNET Plus, you can realize applications with new ideas such as the following.

Life activity support system

With using VNET Plus, you can install a small server in each home and realize a life activity support system for each family.
Since the server is in a private area, it is not subject to hacking.
Since it is a family unit, it can be realized with a small server, and a small start is possible.
Although it is small when using only for families, it has a possibility to develop a large-scale service involving local government municipality by linking servers.
(*) TLS (Total Life activity Support system server)

The following services can be realized with TLS.
It can be a system with many possibilities.
(1) Life activity support during normal times
· Manage your own life (action history, location history, health information history, etc.).
· Watch over the elderly and children (the above management by family members, notification of deviation from normal behavior, etc.).
· Closed family SNS (photos of travel destinations, exchanging comments, chatting)
(2) Support in the event of a disaster
· Instant safety confirmation of all family members.
· Evacuation advisories, action instructions from local governments.
· Cooperation with municipal disaster bulletin boards.
(3) Others
· Notification from the municipality (in place of the circulation board).
· Lost child inquiry, evacuation advisory (instead of disaster prevention radio).
· Disclosure of residents' association meetings.
· Telemedicine.
· Calls from the watch team.
· Respond to a visitor from outside using the intercom.


Realization of Watching System "TLIFES" Utilizing Smartphones and Mobile Networks.

The journal of the Institute of Electronics, Information and Communication Engineers, Vol.98,No.10,pp.856-859,Oct.2015.

Mobile phone replacement

If one-to-one videophone is developed into a large-scale system as it is, it will become a substitute for mobile phones.
That is because videophone by VNET Plus has the mobility function.
It has the following advantages over general mobile phones.
·Inexpensive as it is IP communication.
·Audio and video.
·High confidentiality.
·Mutual call between a PC and a smartphone.

Connect IPv4 and IPv6

Existing enterprise networks are expected to continue with IPv4 for the time being.
On the other hand, the exhaustion of IPv4 global addresses is serious, and it is conceivable that some users will eventually be able to obtain only IPv6 addresses.
Assuming such a situation, there is a possibility that IPv4only networks and IPv6only networks will coexist.
At this time, if you have a system that allows mutual communication such as VNET Plus, you can introduce an IPv6 network with peace of mind.
In order for IPv4 address devices and IPv6 address devices to communicate with each other, mapping processing of both addresses is required, but VNET Plus automatically realizes it.
The management is quite simple because no complicated settings are required.

Large-scale closed communication network

VNET Plus makes the network look like a huge secure LAN.
In other words, a large-scale closed communication network spanning the world can be realized.
For example, companies that have farms and factories overseas and offices in Japan can create their own secure network by grouping with VNET Plus.

Access point with VNET adapter

Equipping access points that provide Wi-Fi hotspots with VNET adapter functionality allows hotspots to appear to be integrated into a single LAN.
Communication devices under the access point can benefit from VNET Plus even if they do not implement it.